A free comic book reader and converter for Windows and Linux.


  • Windows & GNU/Linux versions.
  • Compatible file formats:
    • .cbz
    • .cbr
    • .cb7
    • .pdf
    • .epub (images only)
    • image files (.jpg, .png, .webp or .avif)
    Including password protected pdf, cbz (AES encryption not supported), cb7 and cbr files.
  • Windowed (simple UI) and full-screen (no UI) modes.
  • 'Fit to width', 'fit to height' and a customizable 'scale to height' page views.
  • Page rotation.
  • UI available in:
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Automatically restores the previous session's last opened book and page, and remembers the last books' page positions.
  • Portable mode (by creating a file named portable.txt in the same folder as the executable).
  • Tools:
    • Convert/Resize:
      • comic books (cbr, cbz, cb7, pdf or epub to cbz, cb7, pdf or epub).
      • images (jpg, png, avif or webp).
    • Create:
      • a comic book (cbz, cb7, pdf or epub) from a list of image files.
      • a QR code image from text.
    • Extract:
      • comic book pages (to jpg, png, avif or webp).
      • text (OCR) from a comic book page or image file.
      • a QR code's text from a comic book page or image file.
      • a color palette from a comic book page or image file.
        • can be exported to a .gpl or .aco palette file.