A webpage that generates a summary of a GitHub repository's releases from its URL, including the total number of downloads and some basic info about them.

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A prototype of a fake remote desktop / interactive computer web simulation I made to use one day as part of a 'secret' website related to the story mode of 'High Entropy', one of my PC games.

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A small prototype I made to learn Godot 3 inspired by golf solitaire and similar games like Faerie Solitaire.

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A game prototype I made to learn how a 3D game was made from the ground up (not using an already made engine) and to improve my programming skills, while creating a 'proof of concept' demo showing what I had accomplished, and could do, in the process.

I created it using DirectX 9.0c for the graphics, Bullet Physics as the physics engine and OpenAL for the sound.





I enjoyed a lot playing Wolfenstein 3D and, even more, Doom years ago (I even enjoy playing them nowadays). Since then, the First Person Shooter genre is probably my favorite, and I always wanted to learn how John Carmack, John Romero and the guys from iD Software made those great games, and make one myself.

This is a game prototype I programmed using a technique from those early days called ray-casting.



Some small games I made for MaRTE OS, a Hard Real-Time Operating System for embedded applications developed in the Group of Computers and Real-Time of the University of Cantabria.


ALOS (Álvaro's Operative System)

ALOS was one of my pet projects for some time: developing a simple operative system in order to learn more about computers. There are some great tutorials in the internet that helped me begin, like JamesM's and Brandon F's, and really helpful communities like OSDev.org. It also helped reading the amazing series of articles published in Linux Magazine describing the creation of the SOS operative system.



This program was part of the work I made as a researcher for the University of Cantabria. Its main goal was to generate a MAST text model from a UML-MARTE schedulability analysis input model, but it was extended to, if the user chooses so, invoke MAST to analyze the generated model and create a new version of the original UML model updated with the output data from MAST.

The source code was released under the GPL v2 license.




This was a program I made at home in my spare time to view the reports generated by a commercial tool I was using at work. The tool already provided its own report viewer, much more complete than mine, so there was no need for me to create one, I just did it as an excuse to learn some new skills. rtdViewer was programmed in C# running on Mono and using GTK# to create the GUI and Cairo for the graphics.



Yonas CMS is a content management system (CMS) I made years ago, while learning PHP. It was programmed using PHP 5, SQLite, Javascript and AJAX.