Use computers (via GUIs or the command line), unlock doors, crawl through vents, fight enemies head on or find other ways to neutralize or avoid them...

High Entropy: Challenges is the free version of High Entropy, an action-adventure FPS (inspired by some of my favorite immersive sims), and includes the Challenges mode from the full game consisting of a beginning, 15 levels, a default ending and a special ending if you finish with a 100% score in all levels.

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Drive trucks and vans to deliver trailers, crates and other cargo around the map, while you earn money and XP... or just have some fun exploring the open-world island and interacting with its inhabitants.

Handoru Island is partially inspired by some of the things I enjoy about games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, the GTA series (and other similar open world games), Tricky Truck...

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