Other Software

Some other examples of software I've made.


This program was part of the work I made as a researcher for the University of Cantabria.

Description: Marte2Mast's main goal was to generate a MAST text model from a UML-MARTE schedulability analysis input model, but it was extended to, if the user chooses so, invoke MAST to analyze the generated model and create a new version of the original UML model updated with the output data from MAST.

It was delivered as an Eclipse plugin, and implemented using the Eclipse technologies provided by Papyrus UML as graphical tool, the UML2 plugin as model repository, and the Acceleo plugin for the extraction of text from the UML2 models plus a significant amount of Java custom code.

The source code is also provided, under the GPL v2 license.


This is a program I made at home in my spare time to view the reports generated by a commercial tool I was using at work. The tool already provided its own report viewer, much more complete than mine, so there was no need for me to create one, I just did it as an excuse to learn some new skills.

rtdViewer is programmed in c# running on mono and using GTK# to create the GUI and Cairo for the graphics.

Yonas CMS

Yonas CMS is a content management system (CMS) I made years ago, while learning PHP. It was programmed using PHP 5, SQLite, Javascript and AJAX.