MaRTE OS Games

Some games I've made for MaRTE OS, a Hard Real-Time Operating System for embedded applications developed in the Group of Computers and Real-Time of the University of Cantabria. You can find the source code for these and other games, demos, tests and gamedev tools I've made for MaRTE OS on my GitHub account


EtherChess is a chess game for 2 players connected through ethernet for the MaRTE OS operative system. To play it you need two machines running the compiled program with a local ethernet link connecting them (or you can simulate this setup using virtual machines, with qemu for example).


MaRTrix is a tetris-like game programmed in Ada for the MaRTE OS operative system, as an example of what can be done with its basic vga library.


MaRTEnoid was programmed as an example for the MaRTE OS operative system of how to use its vga driver in C with double buffering, and as my little tribute to the classic Arkanoid.

The code is not optimized and can be improved in some areas like collision detection and ball physics, but the goal of this program was making a quick, working and hopefully fun example, not making the perfect game implementation :)

Game of Life

This isn't exactly a game, but an implementation of John Conway's "Game of Life" for MaRTE OS.

From Wikipedia: "The Game of Life, also known simply as Life, is a cellular automaton devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. It is the best-known example of a cellular automaton."

Reading "Hackers: Heroes of the computer Revolution" by Steven Levy I learned about "Game of Life" and I thought it would be fun to make a version for MaRTE OS. Here's a quick and not optimized :) implementation, my little tribute to the original MIT hackers.