City Project (PC)

When I started this project my main goals were learning how a 3D game was made from the ground up (not using an already made engine) and improving my programming skills, while creating a 'proof of concept' demo showing what I had accomplished, and could do, in the process.

You can download the 'proof of concept' demo here. Keep in mind it is a very early demo, it still isn't too much fun to play and there are tons of things that need improvements (the city is small, there are very few things to do, the AI is quite basic...). It's just meant as a milestone for the project, a 'proof of concept', a way for me of having something to show and test.

I created it using DirectX 9.0c for the graphics, Bullet Physics as the physics engine and OpenAL for the sound.

I recommend taking a look at the README file before playing, it contains information about the requirements, controls, known bugs, things I want to add in future versions, the credits...

Check my blog and/or its IndieDB page to know more about its development.